Genomic Epidemiology

The resolution provided by whole genome sequencing has revolutionized our ability to track the local and global spread of pathogens. A major interest in the lab is moving beyond descriptive studies of outbreaks, and integrating other data sources to identify specific interventions that can help reduce the spread of antiobitc resistant organisms within and between healthcare institutions.

Pathogen evolution in vivo

A major driver of the evolution of healthcare associated pathogens are treatments administered to colonized and infected patients. Through the lens of whole genome sequencing we hope to gain deeper insight into the evolutionary trajectories of pathogens as they navigate selective pressures encountered within patients and while traveling between patients.

Evolutionary trajectories of healthcare associated pathogens

Many healthcare associated pathogens have decended from ancestors that lived commensal and environmental lifestyles. While evolution of resistance to antibiotics is a clear commonality among many healthcare pathogens, we are interested in uncovering other key innovations that are key to the success of epidemic lineages.